Financial participation in repowering existing wind turbines and farms in the North-Centre region of Portugal


Wind lab #2 has the main focus of leveraging the financial participation of local stakeholders in the necessary repowering efforts for the Portuguese onshore wind farms. 

Important facts that frame our objectives:

  1. Up until this moment there are no examples of existing co-ownership or co-financing models within the energy sector in Portugal, a reality we want to change. Portugal is the only EU country with a significant wind energy production without community or cooperative projects;
  2. Any kind of public participation regarding wind energy projects in Portugal has been residual;
  3. 90% of all wind farms in Portugal will reach their end of life cycle in the next decade, which poses major challenges to the sector;
  4. Wind energy production is highly concentrated in Portugal, where 88 % of all wind farms are concentrated in just six very large companies, representing a de facto oligopoly.

Strategies being developed to pursue our main objective:

  1. Lobby for legislative change forcing the promoters to include co-financing in new repowering licences;
  2. Negotiate with wind energy firms to open up co-financing possibilities in the repowering of existing wind farms;
  3. Work with existing cooperatives, namely Coopérnico, to make a move from solar towards wind energy;
  4. Develop mini-wind turbines to hybridize with existing solar production.