The combined knowledge developed from JustWind4All’s energy research is practically tested by engaging relevant wind energy actors across Europe. JustWind4All’s Wind Forum brings together local, regional, national and EU-level stakeholders across policy, community, market and third sector to meet, network, and exchange knowledge. A diverse Forum of wind energy actors’ voices ensures that JustWind4All’s cooperative outcomes have maximum impact.


The Wind Forum builds upon and enhances existing networks of wind energy governance actors. It brings together actors from across policy, community, market and third sector in Europe with a common interest in accelerating wind energy development, ensuring that JustWind4All’s knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies and activities have maximum impact.

Wind Labs

Through transdisciplinary knowledge and experience sharing in 5 regional Wind Labs, JustWind4All focuses on specific regional challenges, such as: novel resource practices (repowering), technologies (airborne, floating) and locations (Bulgaria, North Sea Basin).

JustWind4All’s Wind Labs are regional testing grounds that use innovative approaches to tackle the four main challenges of just and sustainable wind energy development. Building from JustWind4All’s holistic impact assessment, energy system and wind power modelling, and public participatory practices, the Wind Labs will collaborate and test our findings with local stakeholders and promote specific regional settings to capture the potential of novel resources and technologies in practice.

Meet our 5 Wind Labs!


JustWind4All’s Wind Forum fellows are the core of the wind forum network, enhancing the project as practical mentors, sharing knowledge and experience from the field.

The Wind Forum is supported by a dedicated group of Wind Forum Fellows. Fellows regularly meet to discuss and exchange knowledge and to assist the JustWind4All consortium in programming Wind Forum activities.

The Wind Forum Fellows work together to spearhead Wind Forum network activities, providing opportunities for exchanges between local, regional, national, or European wind energy governance actors. Fellows join JustWind4All’s public events and knowledge-sharing sessions with our regional Wind Labs, discussing topical issues, as well as barriers and opportunities that could be incorporated into the Wind Lab activities.

Wind Forum Fellows are integral to the Wind Forum, ensuring that the problems and solutions that Wind Labs tackle are relevant to practitioners in the field.

Our Wind Forum fellows