With this method, our research allows wind energy governance actors to consider trade-offs between social, environmental, economic, and energy system design goals. The project builds on the Europe-scale energy system model Euro-Calliope v2.0, which is one of the leading high-resolution sector-coupled European energy system models. The model covers 13 energy carriers and service demands (e.g. electricity, hydrogen, low-temperature heat etc.), which can be consumed, produced, and converted by a variety of technologies. 

The project builds on the solid modelling foundation in several ways. First, it improves wind energy technology detail by including novel technologies such as airborne wind. Second, as part of JustWind4All new objective functions are developed so that the model can go beyond techno-economic cost minimisation.

Using this method, we’ll explore the wind energy decisions in JustWind4All’s regions and Europe-wide. We will also look at  how they influence and are influenced by decisions across the European continent with regards to all technical and economic choices for energy system decarbonisation across all energy-using sectors of the economy.

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