Multicriteria mapping (MCM) will be done in two of the JustWind4All’s regions: Brandenburg (DE) and North-Holland (NL). By using this hybrid qualitative/quantitative appraisal method, which involves facilitating carefully selected participants, we aim todeliver a nuanced picture of how and why participants’ perspectives vary on key wind energy issues based on contrasting means to implement wind energy in Europe’s regions. We also develop practical implications for decision-making on wind energy. This MCM complements the data generated in the impact assessment and energy systems modelling by addressing evidence concerning crucial political, cultural, and geographical dimensions to wind energy, which must be considered alongside the best available scientific data on wind energy impacts.

The data needed will be collected through interviews and workshops with wind energy governance actors. Through participatory analysis involving a variety of participants, it captures the depth and diversity of values, knowledge and framings that play a role when implementing wind energy in Europe’s regions while eliciting contrasting perspectives in a systematic and balanced way.

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