JustWind4All makes use of an innovative approach to the holistic assessment of wind energy impacts, by integrating life cycle assessment (LCA) and multi-scale assessment of socio-ecosystem metabolism (WP1) in an open-access tool.

The (Social-) LCA method is used to assess the social and environmental impacts of products and services that follow their whole value chain. The LCA is combined with a social metabolism approach, which helps the project upscale impacts to a systemic perspective and characterise the relations between societal functions. The scope covers environmental impacts on resource depletion, terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems as well as atmospheric and social impacts on labour and human health. 

Using this method, which is based on a social-ecological systems approach, helps us better understand the relations between diverse social and environmental impacts, including on-shore, off-shore, airborne, and floating technologies. In addition, new metrics for social impacts will be created to enhance understanding of these impacts.

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