Life cycle assessment (LCA) and multi-scale assessment of socio-ecosystem metabolism in an open access tool (ENBIOS)

JustWind4All makes use of an innovative approach to the holistic assessment of wind energy impacts, by integrating life cycle assessment (LCA) and multi-scale assessment of socio-ecosystem metabolism (WP1) in an open-access tool. The (Social-) LCA method is used […]

Quantitative energy system modelling

With this method, our research allows wind energy governance actors to consider trade-offs between social, environmental, economic, and energy system design goals. The project builds on the Europe-scale energy system model Euro-Calliope v2.0, which is one of the […]

Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA)

By using Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) inspired analysis, we explore participatory practices and social innovations in wind energy both on- and offshore to create a database of good participatory practices and social innovation. This includes a review of […]

Regional cases study work

With our regional case studies, we develop an understanding of regional challenges and opportunities around wind energy governance. Based on this, we formulate key recommendations for fostering energy citizenship in an effective and just wind energy governance regionally. […]

Multicriteria mapping

Multicriteria mapping (MCM) will be done in two of the JustWind4All’s regions: Brandenburg (DE) and North-Holland (NL). By using this hybrid qualitative/quantitative appraisal method, which involves facilitating carefully selected participants, we aim todeliver a nuanced picture of how […]

Wind Labs

Wind Labs are JustWind4All communities that engage in transdisciplinary knowledge co-production work through real-world experimentation. They are spaces for reflexivity, co-learning, and knowledge co-production where wind energy governance actors and researchers together address specific challenges of wind energy […]

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