The LIVENlab at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) led the JustWind4All project session, titled “Impacting Wind Energy: Using Holistic Impact Mapping as a Strategy for More Effective and Just Wind Energy Development.” Approximately 20 professionals from various companies and institutions in the wind energy sector participated in this event.

This co-creation activity aimed to explore the results of holistic assessments with stakeholders in the context of governance for wind energy planning and installation. The holistic impact assessment is based on Life Cycle Assessment and a socio-ecological metabolism perspective. The analyzed results addressed different technological aspects (such as turbines, technologies, and the entire electricity system) and regional scopes (including technological distribution and national levels).

Through this workshop, JustWind4All gained valuable insights into participants’ understanding of the Life Cycle Perspective of impacts beyond carbon emissions and the potential value of holistic assessments in decision-making processes. Additionally, it provided insights into how these methods can be applied to improve wind energy development decision-making in Spain.

The output of this workshop will be used by both LIVENlab and DRIFT in the development of the Wind Energy Development Compass.

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