In the picturesque coastal town of Estoril, Portugal, the JustWind4All consortium recently gathered for the annual in-person consortium meeting. The venue, surrounded by breathtaking ocean views, set the stage for a three-day event that combined reflection on past achievements, strategic planning for the future, and valuable connections among the project members.

The first day of the consortium meeting was marked by a sense of REconnection, as we took a moment to collectively look back at the milestones achieved by JustWind4All. Through shared insights and experiences, the team celebrated how far the project had come since its start, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that drives our work.

On our second day, the focus shifted to REpowering – a forward-looking approach that involved planning future activities and identifying new interconnections within the project. We engaged in strategic discussions, exploring new interconnections between our work.

On the last day, we bid farewell to the mesmerizing ocean views of Estoril and relocated to the vibrant city of Lisbon for the final leg of our meeting. This day was dedicated to co-production activities with the Portuguese Wind Lab, focusing on the theme of repowering through local financing. The exchange of ideas and collaboration with local experts added a valuable dimension to the consortium’s mission.

Beyond the formalities, the consortium members found time to unwind and bond. Embracing the local culture, we enjoyed the Portuguese cuisine, marvelled at stunning views, and even took to the waves for surfing adventures. Hiking excursions provided an opportunity to connect with nature, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extended beyond the meeting room.


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